Value Adds

“Value-Add” or “Value Added” are terms that describe special improvements, intended to generate increased revenue, for our partners and clients. Connecting providing value and the contractors, Realtor, and clients we serve is how we excel.

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In practice, the term “value add” or “value added” is used in an unspecific manner, used to describe pretty much anything that improves anything, regardless of whether or not that thing produces economic value. The term is commonly used by marketers to describe the process of offering “free” items such as ebooks, blog posts, etc, with the assumption that this will make it easier to ask the audience to pay for something in the future.

While terms like “upgraded” and “enhanced” can be used as synonyms for Value-Added, it is important to keep in mind that what makes a good or service Value-Added is not just cosmetic changes. In order for a change to be a Value-Add, it must be initiated deliberately with the intention of adding an improvement, and it must measurably increase the product or service’s desirability and financial value to the customer. Let’s examine our value adds and thier real value.

  • Social media mentions on the Pro-Tech Inspections and Bee Free Home social media accounts
  • Mentions in Realtor office presentations at the team, brokerage, and association levels
  • Participation in podcasts on related subject matter where you’re the expert
  • One annual video and production by our team at Red Rhino Designs for inclusion on a real estate streaming TV channel (Roku)
  • Invittations to our exclusive and private invite only Realtor round table luncheons
  • Invitations to local Realtor happy hours and networking events with NO additional sponsorship requests or requirements