Our Program


Basic Premise

Over the years, we have developed a database of over 15,000 past clients we can market to regarding our programs, unique selling propositions, and now our recommended and preferred contractors.

We have a database of 3500+ Realtors who currently rely upon our Home Inspection company to serve their clients  when buying or selling a home.

We have hundreds of investors who need contractors to perform services on their flips, long and short term rentals, and multi-family properties.

Together we win

Our premise has one simple belief. Each of us have spheres we can touch in ways that someone else, or another company can not.

Together, we can leverage those relationships and drive business through word of mouth marketing, an online presence, and doing good work.

We can also promote our respective businesses together with the strength of one another’s reputation and reach.

Your Home Inspector Should’ve found that

This complaint is the most common complaint we get. Unfortunately, the tradespeople often say this, and generally it’s for the following reasons.

  1. The don’t know the scope of a home inspection.
  2. They don’t know the conditions at the time of the inspection.
  3. They are trying to be a hero.
  4. They are trying to be the smartest person in the room.

Unfortunately for the contractor, we are normally the next call, and in trying to be fair, we examine the requirements of our work, the conditions at the inspection, the limitations in the report, and most often we find it was in there – making your technician look uninformed.

Inspectors can be a great lead source

Maybe it’s time we change the narrative. Inspectors focus marketing efforts on Realtors because they have an opportunity to build rapport with the client prior to going under contract.

May we suggest, the next logical piece of this puzzle is leveraging your relationship as a contractor with home inspectors.

Inspectors can be great resources for referral of repairs and items to be evaluated for repair , thereby opening doors for you to get work.