Fixed Costs

Although advertising and marketing work together, they aren’t identical. Marketing is an overall plan that includes, but isn’t limited to, advertising; it is the total of all the plans you develop for establishing a good reputation, attracting and retaining customers and promoting your products or services. 

Managing Costs

The market is shifting. Consumer behavior is changing quickly. Now more than ever businesses need predictable costs and a way to measure their return on investment.

Fixed expenses are costs that typically remain the same regardless of changes or fluctuations in production levels or sales volumes. Your monthly lease payment is one example. Items you include in an annual budget serve as another example because budget allocations typically don’t change until the next planning cycle. Marketing is a major expense in any small business budget. Once you make a marketing budget allocation, it becomes a fixed expense because it typically doesn’t change over the coming year.

Porch, Thumbtack, Home Advisor, Angi, and many more chrge you monthly, then charge you again when a lead is won. Control that budget and get a true monthly report on what you gained from your marketing effort.